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Vendor Partnership

Partnering with Industry Leaders

For customers of our Customized Distribution and Redistribution Divisions, I Supply Company distributes products from some of the most trusted names in the disposable paper goods and janitorial supply industries. These companies have distinguished themselves through consistent quality, product innovation, guaranteed supply, and we are proud to partner with them.

AmerCare is a leading provider of disposable products, including: cutlery, straws, gloves, point of sale products, napkins and other paper disposables for the foodservice and retail industries.  AmerCare’s product line currently includes over 1,200 branded products, in both AmerChoice branded and custom printed products.  The company maintains strong customer relationships with over 1,000 distribution partners across North America and serves the disposable needs for 56 out of the top 200 restaurant chains in the US.

What AmerCare Provides to I Supply Company:   

  • Foodservice disposable gloves
  • Plastic straws
  • Industrial disposable gloves
  • Healthcare disposable gloves

Anchor Packaging provides innovative consumer packaging solutions.

Berry Plastics provides innovative packaging and engineered products that are beneficial for people and the planet.

Dart, headquartered in Mason, Michigan, sets the industry standard in the development, manufacture and distribution of innovative foodservice packaging solutions.  Dart manufactures cups, plates, containers, lids and straws made from such materials as expanded polystyrene foam, solid polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), paper and sugar cane.  Dart has expanded across the globe to include more than 40 locations in six countries.

What Dart Provides to I Supply Company:         

  • Foam Cups & Lids
  • Portion Cups & Lids
  • Foamed Hinged Containers
  • Laminated Plates
  • Laminated Bowls
  • Deli Containers

EMI Yoshi is a leading manufacturer of high quality plastic disposable plates, cups and trays.

Essity provides sustainable value-added hygiene and health products and services.

Fabrikal is a leading provider of foodservice and custom thermoformed packaging solutions, as well as manufacturer of Greenware®, made from natural and renewable resources.

Georgia Pacific is a leading manufacturer of tissue, pulp, packaging, building products and related materials.

Handi-Foil Corporation manufactures recyclable aluminum products, such as foil, dome lids and bakeware items.

Inteplast manufactures plastics-based products, including items that are recyclable, and/or made from post-consumer resin.
Lollicup USA provides food and beverage products—from disposables to consumables—as well as cleaning products and sanitation supplies.
New Method Packaging is a food packaging manufacturer specializing in products for pizza chains, bakery shops, and commercial bakeries.
Solaris Paper® is a North American towel and tissue manufacturer focused on the Retail and Away-from-Home markets.
Southern Champion Tray has been a leading manufacturer of paperboard packaging for the bakery, foodservice and custom retail markets since 1927.
Reliable Redistribution Resource consist of nine nationally-known supply chain companies that have a legacy of engaging in and growing the redistribution channel.

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