Celebrating 80 Years – see our announcement here.

Beginning on August 1, 2023, I Supply Company will begin to collect a 2% convenience fee when using a credit card for payment. Cash, ACH and checks are accepted without this fee.

About I Supply Company

An organization driven by values

Family owned, I Supply Company offers Disposable/Jan-San and Customized Foodservice distribution with deep roots in the community. The commitment to do what’s right for our customers and employees’ continues to drive our success.

Since 1944 we have been guided by the values that enable people and businesses to make the most of every opportunity and seize them. It is that mindset that allowed us to launch our customized food service solution in 1982.

Our 3 Business Solutions

With Head Office in Fairborn, Ohio (a suburb of Dayton) we are strategically positioned to service our regional customers throughout the Midwest.  I Supply Company is a member of leading foodservice cooperatives, UniPro and Afflink.

What We Value

The values that are centered on people ― respect, reliability and fairness ― are at the heart of all we do.  We act on our convictions and live them at every turn.   What drives people to I Supply Company?

Driving values home means we don’t give “lip service” to guiding principles:  We walk the talk ― emphasize winning, people-centric values ― in every facet of our business.

Our company culture

Our environment is one of openness, respect, and opportunity ― It’s a workplace where new ideas are welcomed, where all employees are treated fairly, and where employees can thrive.  This is what we believe and practice:


Company History

2024 – I Supply Company celebrates 80 years in business. Read our announcement here.

2017 – January brought in a revitalized commitment to ensure company growth and raise levels of excellence throughout the organization.   This continuous improvement initiative, our  “relaunch,”  involved new  promotions  with greater flexibility and value for customers,  expansion of our footprint, a simpler ordering process,  fine tuning of company policies, and a renewed  focus on helping employees build their careers.  The I Supply Company look changed as well ― with a refreshed corporate logo and a more user-friendly website.

1987 – As the result of rapid growth, we outgrew our facility in Springfield and moved our headquarters to Fairborn, Ohio,  just off of I-675 and near Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  Logistically, it has proven to be an ideal location for distribution, providing easy access to both I-70 and I-75.

1982 – We entered the customized foodservice distribution industry after a customer asked us to provide full service, one stop delivery to their stores.  In this way, we grew to become a customized foodservice distributor, while maintaining our role as paper and janitorial supply distributor.

1981 – We shortened our name to I Supply Company.

1974 – Our founder, Joseph Parisi, passed away in April.  Jerry Parisi took ownership of the organization and became chairman and CEO.

1970 – Jerry Parisi, son of our founder, was named President and Joseph Parisi retained the duties of Chief Executive Officer.

1944 – I Supply Company is founded.

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