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Beginning on August 1, 2023, I Supply Company will begin to collect a 2% convenience fee when using a credit card for payment. Cash, ACH and checks are accepted without this fee.

Logistics Division

The Logistics Division is an Asset Based dedicated 3rd party carrier based from Southwestern Ohio. We pride ourselves on our team’s service and responsiveness to your needs.

Our fleet can carry any temperature controlled loads for your freight needs. We want our customers to have all the info needed so transparency and communication to you is vital.  

We work to always get the job done through providing both expedited shipments to your destination.  We work to optimize your freight, per shipment or special needs. You can count on us to assist you.

Contact Bobbi Webb, Logistics Manager, for more information:

Direct: 937-318-3205
Email: bwebb@isupplyco.com

Or main logistics department:

Email: logistics@isupplyco.com

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