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The health care industry requires a special selection of sanitizing and germ-killing cleaning products … as well as the traditional array of paper and janitorial products.

Our health care clients range from hospitals, to clinics, to laboratories, and more. Some of the products they need include …

Sanitizing Products
Antibacterial Soaps and Dispensers
Hand Scrubbers and Brushes
Disinfectant Cleaners and Sprays
Sanitizers and Deodorizers
Antibacterial Towelettes
And More

Maintenance Supplies
Laundry Program
Spartan Chemical/Cleaning Products
All Purpose Cleaners & Strippers
Quaternary Cleaners
Waxes, Finishes & Sealers
Bowl & Drain Cleaners
Glass Cleaner
Stainless Steel Polish
Carpet Shampoo, Floor Sweep Compound
Mops, Buckets & Wringers
Scouring Pads, Brooms & Brushes
Walk-Off Mats & Matting
Waste Receptacles, Continental Products
Deodorant Blocks, Dust Pans

Towels, Tissues & Liners
Kimberly-Clark, Wisconsin Tissue & Ft. James Roll & Folded Towels & Dispensers
Toilet Tissue & Dispensers
Toilet Seat Covers, Disposable Wipers, Sanitary Napkins
Facial Tissues
Trash Can Liners

Order Line:
Local: 937 878-5240
Toll Free: 1-800-837-7759
Fax Order: 937-878-9236
Toll Free: 1-877-447-8775

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