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Jerry Parisi, Chairman & CEO

Jerry's father, Joe, started the Company in 1944 and Jerry joined it in 1963. Under Jerry's leadership, the Company exited the wholesale candy and tobacco business, expanded the paper and janitorial supply business, and entered the food systems distribution business.

Joe Parisi, Co-President

Although Joe has worked part-time for the I Supply Company since he was 14, he joined the Company as a full-time sales representative in 1994 and was promoted to Vice President in 1996. Joe was elected to his current position in 2000 and is responsible for the segments of the Company involving our food systems distribution, business warehouse and delivery operations as well as corporate services.

Mario Parisi, Co-President

Mario joined the I Supply Company as a full-time sales manager in 1998 after working with the Company for a number of years in various part-time positions. Mario was elected to his current position in 2000 and currently leading our entry into the brokerage business for earth friendly products & natural foods.

Tim Detrick, Vice President - Food Systems Division

Tim started with the I Supply Company as a sales representative in 1984 and was promoted to District Sales Manager in 1990. He was elected as the Vice President of Account Development for our Street Division in 1993 and was elected to his current position in 1999 where he leads the Company's food systems business.

Gene Shepard, Vice President - Supply Businesses & Procurement

Gene joined the I Supply Company in 2004 and leads, the Company's supply business units as well as the company's procurement area. Gene's previous 27 years of experience in distribution sales, manufacturing sales, and manufacturing management makes him uniquely qualified for his position.

Paul Drouillard, Vice President of Operations

Paul joined the the I Supply Company in 2012 and is responsible for warehousing, transportation, and logistics. Paul has worked in similar capabilities since 1976.

Dan Strawn, Vice President of Corporate Services & CFO

Dan joined the I Supply Company in 1997 and is responsible for financial management, risk management, systems planning, marketing, and human resources. Dan has previously worked in similar capacities for over 20 years.

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